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Top Section Deleted » Softboxes

Product ID: OSB19-BP
OSB19-BP Battery Portable 19 inch octagonal Softbox
OSB19-BP Battery Portable 19 inch octagonal Softbox
You can now get quality softbox lighting from your battery portable flash system. Designed for Norman LH2 and LH52 portable heads, the 12 inch square SSB12-BP and the 19 inch octagonal OSB19-BP can also be used on most Quantum Q Flash and Lumedyne lampheads. Much like the Norman Studio Softbox design, these units "pop-up" like an umbrella. No loose parts or assembly required, except for the removable front diffusion panel that attaches with Velcro™. No speed ring adapter is required. Each Softbox attaches to the lamphead like a standard reflector. On Norman lampheads, just position over the flashtube and tighten the reflector locking screw.
List Price: $56.40
Price: $47.00

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